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Trommel Screen

Trommel screens are used by the municipal waste industry in the screening process to classify sizes of solid waste. Besides that, it can also be used to improve the recovery of fuel-derived solid waste.

A trommel is a screen curved into a cylinder. The machine spins the cylindrical screento sort through the material as you feed it through. During this process, the wet material tumbles around. Air gets added, and the soil, mulch, or sand becomes lighter and drier.

Trommels can be manufactured using perforated metal, woven mesh, polyurethane and  rubber and are used in multiple applications from solid waste to raw material.

Trommel PU screen media is specially designed to be used in Trommel screens. These screens provide one of the best separation efficiencies despite having a smaller overall screening surface. You can see Trommel screens perform after the mills and scrubbers or in recycling plants. The panels are repairable.

Rotary Trommel Screen:

Rotary Trommel Screens utilize continuous tumbling and lifting actions to size and separate feed materials that include the municipal waste, recycling, industrial, aggregate and mining industries. Applications. Coal. Mining.

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