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Usage and Advantages of PU Caster Wheel?

A caster is a non-powered wheel that is designed to be fitted to the bottom of a bigger object and used to move it. Caster wheels are attached on the base of device moving equipment and bring about mobility of those objects. They enable movement of heavy objects with less force being applied.

Advantages of heavy duty caster wheels:

  1. They are designed for varied applications and are thus available in different materials, functionality and materials.
  2. Help you to transport items with ease and convenience.
  3. Allows you to turn and move your object in restricted spaces.
  4. They are ideal for the aerospace industry. In fact many aircraft manufacturing companies use heavy duty aviation casters to move heavy loads, equipment and assemblies. They also enable the technicians to move as well as lock work stands with minimal effort.
  5. Mobilize loaded as well as unloaded shipping containers.
  6. They are excellent for automobile assembly plants and other manufacturing plants since they help workers in moving assemblies and heavy parts from one location to another.
  7. They are a must for platform trucks and dollies that are designed for handling materials.
  8. Help your workers to save energy that is required in moving, loading as well as unloading of containers or cargo.

n general, wheels are used for: low production costs – this is the case if we compare the prices for wheels and tracks; speed – compared with tracks, the wheels need a lower amount of torque to move on from stationary; maneuverability – the wheels provide high maneuverability compared with continuous tracks.

Positive caster creates two primary benefits: Improved straight-line stability at speed. The front wheels positioned forward of the upper ball joint/strut mount produces a self-aligning torque on the front wheels and tires.

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