Polyurethane Pigs


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What Are Polyurethane Pigs?

Polyurethane Pigs are robust, cylindrical devices used in pipeline cleaning, batching, gauging, and product separation operations. These versatile tools are indispensable for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of pipelines, reducing downtime, and maintaining the integrity of your valuable assets.

What is the benefits of Polyurethane Pigs?

Polyurethane pigs provide thorough cleaning and inspection of pipelines. Their unique design allows them to conform to the shape of the pipe, ensuring comprehensive contact with the walls and maximizing the removal of contaminants. This efficient cleaning process reduces the risk of blockages and improves pipeline performance.

Oil & Gas pipeline cleaning pigs are used during pre-commission and on-stream cleaning where rust, millscale, sand, wax, organic growth, mud, oxides, and other foreign matter exist. Sizes range from 2″ through 48″, with brush congurations including wire wheel,split-ring, wrap-around, and spring-loaded.


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