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Cast Nylon Rod which is used as a raw material for the manufacturing of wide range of engineering grade components that are highly durable, robust and light in weight. It is made up by using advanced molding machineries which gives high structural uniformity and dimensional accuracy.

It is highly tensile in nature and having a tensile strength in between 750 to 850 kilograms per cubic centimeters. The offered Cast Nylon Rod is capable to withstand a temperature up to 215 degree Celsius.

Nylon is an extruded form of polyamide, offering rigidity, strength, wear resistance, and heat resistance to 210°F. It is commonly used in both structural and general-purpose bearing and wear applications. This material is available in natural and black.

Advantages of Nylon
  1. They are Less Expensive. Any time you are substituting a metal screw or bolt with plastics, you are going to save some money.
  2. They Weigh Less. As mentioned, nylon is a very lightweight material compared to metal. …
  3. They’re Heat Resistant. …
  4. They Resist Fading. …
  5. They are Durable. …
  6. They Can Have Custom Finishes.