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What are PU Belt Scrapers?

PU Belt Scrapers, also known as polyurethane belt cleaners, are essential components used in conveyor systems to effectively remove carryback material from the conveyor belts. They are mounted at strategic points along the belt to ensure thorough cleaning, preventing spillage, material buildup, and potential damage to the conveyor system.

What is use of scrapers?

To Clean bulk material from Conveyor belts and is also referred to as a belt scraper. They come in a variety of belt sizes and speeds, regardless of industry or type of material. It removes most of the material that adheres to the belt after unloading. This scraper is especially suitable when coarse or moist and sticky material is transported.

The two most common materials for conveyor scraper blades are Polyurethane and Carbide. Depending on your application, either of these two choices are usually solid choices. Steel and Tungsten Carbide is the material most commonly used to make scraper blades.

Why Choose Our PU Belt Scrapers?

  1. Premium-Quality Polyurethane: Our PU Belt Scrapers are crafted from high-grade polyurethane, chosen for its exceptional wear resistance, flexibility, and durability. This ensures long-lasting performance even in the most demanding conveyor applications.

  2. Efficient Cleaning Performance: The specially designed scraping blades of our PU Belt Scrapers conform closely to the conveyor belt’s surface, effectively removing residual material and preventing carryback, resulting in cleaner belts and reduced maintenance.

  3. Reduced Downtime: By eliminating material carryback, our PU Belt Scrapers contribute to increased conveyor belt life, reducing downtime due to cleaning and maintenance activities, and improving overall operational efficiency.

  4. Customization Options: We understand that different conveyor systems have unique requirements. Therefore, we offer a variety of scraper blade designs, sizes, and mounting options, allowing for tailored solutions that suit your specific application.

  5. Easy Installation and Maintenance: Our PU Belt Scrapers are designed for simple and quick installation. With easily replaceable scraper blades, maintenance becomes hassle-free, further minimizing downtime.

** Choose our Belt scrapers products for reliability, performance, and longevity. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements or request a quote. We look forward to serving you and meeting your Belt Scrapers needs.