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At PK Max, we take pride in manufacturing top-quality PU scrapers. Our expertise lies in producing durable and high-performance scrapers that excel in scraping and cleaning applications. Using advanced manufacturing techniques and premium polyurethane materials, our team ensures that our PU scrapers provide optimal performance, longevity, and resistance to wear and tear. Whether you need scrapers for conveyor systems, industrial machinery, or other applications, you can rely on our expertise and commitment to delivering reliable and efficient solutions. Choose our PU scrapers for their exceptional scraping capabilities and the assurance of a long-lasting and dependable product.

It is used to clean bulk material from conveyor belts and is also referred to as a belt scraper. They come in a variety of belt sizes and speeds, regardless of industry or type of material.

Polyurethane conveyor belt wipers or scrapers are used to keep conveyor belts clean and clear of debris. They can help clear bulky debris like gravel or dirt, or be used to clean and squeegee moisture from belts. Urethane belt wipers last longer than metal, aggregates, plastic, or steel wiper alternatives.
The two most common materials for conveyor scraper blades are polyurethane and carbide. Depending on your application, either of these two choices are usually solid choices.

device attached to a belt conveyor to clean or remove dirt or coal dust from the belt surface. Rotary bristle brushes are sometimes used, driven either by gearing from the conveyor or by an independent high-speed motor.


Why Choose Our PU Scrapers?

  1. Premium-Grade Polyurethane Material: Our PU Scrapers are manufactured using top-quality polyurethane materials, known for their outstanding mechanical properties and resistance to wear and abrasion. This guarantees consistent performance and extended service life.

  2. Precision Engineering: We utilize advanced molding and manufacturing techniques to produce PU Scrapers with precise dimensions and optimal hardness levels, ensuring effective scraping and minimal belt wear.

  3. Excellent Wear Resistance: The exceptional wear resistance of our PU Scrapers makes them suitable for heavy-duty applications and challenging environments, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

  4. Flexible and Self-Adjusting: Our PU Scrapers are designed to adapt to the shape of the conveyor belt, ensuring maximum contact and effective cleaning, even on uneven surfaces.

  5. Easy Installation and Maintenance: Our PU Scrapers are engineered for easy installation, and their low-maintenance nature ensures reduced downtime and increased productivity.

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