Polyurethane Saddles


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Advantages of the PU Saddles ?

Polyurethane coil storage saddles used for the storage of the coils. They were designed to replace wooden cradles with the durable polyurethane material.
The pads are highly visible. Making them in safety and easily see the polyurethane saddles on the floor preventing tripping and accidents. And lastly they were designed for easy setup. The polyurethane saddles are light enough for anyone to position them wherever they are needed at any time.

  1. Fast and versatile installation of polyurethane storage saddles
  2. Replace wood version with Polyurethane (last 10 times longer)
  3. Maintenance free polyurethane coil saddles
  4. Simplified housekeeping
  5. High visibility
  6. Insures stable, patterned coil storage
  7. polyurethane saddle eliminate coil damage from coil set downs
  8. No more coil damage from uneven coils
  9. Cost effective tooling for custom needs

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